Who are NGA?

We are an independent training and coaching consultancy that help businesses large, medium and small get better at what they do, every day through their most important asset – their human capital.

We are also people who get it, and we work with associate partners all over the world who also get it. 

We get that you are an individual with individual strengths. 

We get that your business need is critically unique to you. 

We get that your culture is yours. 

We get that your bottom and top line is just as important as ours, and we work with you as if it was. 

We will not try and fit you or your business into a management consultancy model or training / coaching programme that is convenient to us.

We will not tell you that Elsa in Germany is a top consultant, or Jim in the USA has an excellent business mind that will add value …unless it is true.

Whether you join us as an individual member, work with us in the UK, or scope out an international project – you will find NGA are different


Our credibility is your credibility

When partnering with a professional development firm, credibility is everything for both sides.

We both have to be understanding and challenging; flexible and rigorous; friendly and business like. In essence, we both have to do what we say we are going to do and we both have got to want to win.

We are lucky enough to have an enviable list of clients with businesses across three continents.

We also have worked with a number of individuals who have developed and grown over months and years and we are proud and humbled to hear them say that we have had a part to play in their progression.

We understand that you might want to get feedback on what it is like to work with NGA, and we can and will make the appropriate people available to you

Why not drop us an e-mail? – We shall come straight back to you 


What makes us successful?

We have very high standards.

This is a pre requisite of working here and is one of our values. It is a critical success factor that when we work with anybody they are also willing to push themselves to be the best that they can be. 

Getting better at what we do every day is our way of life – a way of life that positively enchants our clients and partners at every contact point. Furthermore we only associate ourselves with consultants who have the same high standards – people who are always looking to improve.

We strive very hard to consistently do the right thing in the right way with the client interests at heart. We would prefer to walk away from business with a handshake and a smile rather than compromise that ethos.

The business is owned and run by someone with 25 years commercial and managerial experience, twelve of which have been in the training coaching and consulting.

As Managing Director, Nick is fully aware that longevity does not always equal success; Have a look at the video clip embedded on this page and see what you think of us?




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