Self-Directed Learning

“'You cannot teach a person anything; you can only help him find it within himself." - Galileo"

Self-Directed Learning is a major part of our offering. We believe strongly in Self-Directed Learning either as a stand-alone development tool, or as part of a blended learning programme.

Based on the 70-20-10 model pioneered by The Centre for Creative Leadership in the 1990's NGA have carefully designed 8 units to give Leaders and Managers a comprehensive learning experience that will develop their skillset, toolset and mindset around the following key components of our module, "Leading and Managing People."

  1.  Managing Change
  2. Running Effective Meetings
  3. Time Management and Personal Organisation
  4. Empowering and Delegating Effectively
  5. Managing People's Performance; Getting the best out of others
  6. Embracing and Handling Conflict
  7. Giving Effective Praise and Development Feedback
  8. Managing your Emotions; Handling criticism; Receiving feedback 

Self-Directed Learning, or SDL, is exactly what the name suggests; a process of learning and development that the learner directs in their own way at a pace and time to suit them and their business.

It is based on a research backed learning model called 70-20-10, which unsurprisingly shows that around 70% of our development is time spent learning by doing as we work, 20% is from coaching, mentoring and advice from other people, and approximately 10% is time invested in formal training, education, reading, on-line tutorials etc.

As the model suggests, there is a heavy emphasis on coaching and mentoring. This could be their manager, their HR partner, a trusted advisor, an NGA consultant or a combination of them all. In any event the learner is supported through their development with idea exchange, advice and feedback, whatever level of manager they might be.

With full guidance and instruction for both the learner and their coach/mentor, a workbook to track progress, and a suite of video tutorials, the NGA Self-Directed Learning modules are a really cost effective way of developing your people without necessarily taking them out of the workplace for days at a time.

The Advantages of Self-Directed Learning 

  • A very cost effective way to develop your people managers
  • Can be used for any seniority of manager / leader
  • Creates employee engagement and loyalty
  • Develops your talent pipeline
  • On the job application makes the development programme current and relevant
  • Builds great relationships between learner and mentor/coach
  • Delivered over 10 or 12 months
  • Can be a stand-alone intervention or part of a blended learning programme

Leading and Managing People - Our price promise

The eight unit module is £495* plus VAT per person, with a 10 month delivery timeframe. That's 10 months of Self-Directed learning for only £49.50 per person per month, and if one of your participants leaves your business before the end of the programme we will refund you the remaining units.

Self Directed Learning

There are two delivery options:

1.  Buy as many or as few ‘Leading and Managing People’ modules as you wish and you manage the whole process in house, including

  • On-boarding ‘kick off’ conversations with participants and their managers/coaches
  • Tracking progress whilst providing on-going support of participants
  • Holding the learners accountable to completing the exercises in the workbook
  • Holding coaches and mentors accountable for completing their coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Follow up at the end of the programme to gauge progress



2.  NGA will design with you and deliver a blended learning programme that incorporates all of the above plus telephone or face to face coaching and classroom based skillset, toolset, and mindset training.

With this option the investment would be dependent on the scope of the project.

*Volume Discounts Available


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